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A Sister's Memoir: Surviving The Unabomber's Last Blast

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The Unabomber murdered her brother, his stuff goes up for auction and Barbara Murray wakes her self up in the morning cussing. After 15 years, Kaczynski or Teddy-K as Barb likes to call him, spiked her anger once more like an explosion in her head. What to do? How do you control your dreams? "Drama therapy," Barb thought she heard the counselor say. "Sign me up," was her response, making the commitment. The counselor responded, "it's hard work, but I'll give you the tools to help your brain heal itself with EMDR, a trauma therapy." That didn't sound nearly as much fun as drama therapy but the date was set and Barb was afraid to go to sleep at night. A little research showed the therapy is like awake REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and is the number one cure for post-traumatic stress disorder. This memoir is one years journey through anger, hope, adoption, a very public death, a bit more anger, the love of food, storytelling, nursing school, driving, grief, chocolate, encouragement, healing, art school, justice, surfing, honesty and a little revenge. The FBI Agent who was in charge of the Unabomber Task Force read the story over a weekend and immediately wanted to test the recipes included at the end of the book. His email said, "very interesting and shows a profound sense of humor." This story is about overcoming hardship, the brains natural ability to heal itself and the love of a mother. Barb's zany look at life makes this both entertaining and inspirational the way only a true story can be. Not to worry, there is a surprise happy ending that relates directly to the book's release date of September 11th.

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