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Creation Or Restoration? When Faith And Science Agree

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Creation is a very fascinating yet controversial story occupying a central role in the conflict between faith and science. Faith based teachings emphasize a six day work outlined in Genesis chapter 1 while science argues that the big bang happened billions of years ago. This book is primarily written to Christians and adopts a commentary style approach in an attempt to separate Biblical fact from Christian tradition. It classifies Genesis 1 into two sequential events, creation and restoration, separated by an unspecified period of time. While the Bible does not give the exact age of the earth, this book argues that it is much older than has been traditionally accepted by the Church. It follows a verse-by-verse analysis of the Genesis account and examines why the creation story was written and how it fits into the general theme of the Bible. It offers the authors thoughts on evolution and discusses the purpose of man and why we are placed here on earth. By comparing the Old and the New Testaments, the author emphasizes that the plan of God for creation has never changed. Rather, it is more clearly revealed in the life of Christ our perfect example. Throughout the discussions, this book encourages the believer to stand firm in faith that we may be all we were born to be.

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