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All Together (The All Trilogy)

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“In 1969, Dirk Vanden had the audacity to imagine a world where gay men could actually be happy, where they could have friendships and relationships with other gay men, where they could accept themselves and one another. Yes, his characters go through emotional conflicts along the way, but they all end up in a better place. This was pretty revolutionary stuff...
“Although the original publisher of the first two books in this series called them "fag hots," (masturbatory fantasies for gay men), all of these books are so much more than that. Yes, there are graphic sex scenes, but at their hearts these books are thoughtful, complex coming out stories...
“These books are also interesting from a sociological standpoint, giving a glimpse at the burgeoning gay culture of late 60s Los Angeles and San Francisco and the ways that it cross-pollinated with the hippie counter-culture of the time...
“Oh, and one other thing: Dirk Vanden is a hell of a good writer. “
David Lennon, Amazon 5-star review

“All Together is a recently published collection of Dirk Vanden’s stories. What incredible stories! Published as pulp paperbacks these tales go far beyond the slam, bam of typical porno by introducing us to three men exploring their sexuality and struggling with self image in a culture that despises them....
“In an era when gay pornography was pulp paperbacks with lurid stories of dangerous sex that often ended in death, Dirk Vanden went beyond pornography by describing men with huge sexual appetites and very human traumas.
“All Together is a brilliant description of gay men in the United States of the 60s and 70s. I recommend this book to anyone interested in our past and what it means to our future. Vanden was smart to write all of it down and make it a fascinating read. You won’t put it down.
Chuck Forester, Lambda Literary Review, 04, Dec, 2011
“One of the building blocks of gay fiction.” A.B. Gayle, Amazon 5-star review

Winner of Lambda Literary Foundation’s award for Best Gay Erotica, 2011

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