The year is 1860. Conflict is threatening to dissolve the country in bitter strife if North and South cannot peacefully settle their controversy. Not only does the country face problems, but families and relationships are also vulnerable. Oaklayne Plantation has been a very successful tobacco enterprise and home for generations of the Layne family for nearly 100 years. But now the family faces devastation as the calm, serene, stately plantation is torn with a passionate quarrel over the North-South friction. Adam Layne is devastated, as he remains strong in his loyalty to the Union, despite being banished from the plantation by his father. The balance of the family stands strong with his father's Southern allegiance. Called into the White House to personally meet with President Lincoln, Colonel Layne is intimidated as he accepts the tremendous responsibility of "Intelligence Support Officer" for the President, studying the arms situation of both the Union and Southern troops, and learning where the South purchases or manufactures ammunition. Many times, in his incognito travel for the President, Adam faces perilous situations, finding himself at last in Andersonville Prison, the most notorious, ominous prison of the Civil War. Oaklayne, a Civil War Saga is about a man struggling to serve both his family and his nation in a time when those things are in conflict.

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ISBN: 9781301866144
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