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How To Do it Like An Aussie
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Ever wondered what Aussies get up to Downunder? Packed with Aussie recipes and a complete Aussie Slang and Phrases Dictionary, Aussie sheilas, Pip and Kym will teach you how to do it like an Aussie! From throwing together a true-blue barbie to learning the lingo this book is a bloody bewdy!

Published: Pippa Ellingworth on
ISBN: 9781301399079
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How To Do it Like An Aussie - Pippa Ellingworth

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A big g’day to all you blokes and sheilas out there! We are Pip and Kym. Two dinki-di Aussie sheilas here to teach you how to do it like an Aussie.

So bloody many of youse across the globe have been pestering us flat chat to write a book that shows youse all how to cook up some grub and ramble on like an Aussie. And by crikey – we’ve finally done it!!

With 60 odd years of hands-on experience between us, we’ll tell you the secrets of throwing together a true-blue barbie in the backyard to filling the car choc-a-block and heading out on the great Aussie picnic.

By the end, we’ll have youse yarnin’ like a local and boilin’ up some tucker as good as we do downunder. So get crackin’ and do as the Aussies do!

Oven Temperatures

Measurement Conversions


Vegemite on Toast

I know that you think Vegemite smells like meat or beer but trust me mate, just give it go and you’ll be hooked! Don’t be shy with the Vege or butter, slap ‘em both together on a piece of toasty white and it’s every bit the culinary delight as any hors d’Oeuvres or canapé that the French can throw at ya.

Serves 2


4 slices of thick white bread

Butter or Margarine

1 jar of good ol’ Aussie Vegemite


1. Place bread into the toaster or on top of the barbie.

2. Cook until light brown on both sides. Remove.

3. Slather a generous helping of butter or margarine on one side of each slice of toast.

4. Quickly spread on the Vegemite before the butter or margarine has time to melt. Don’t hold back, the more the better!

5. Eat while hot.

Bushman’s Brekkie

Nothing prepares the tough old Aussie swagman better than a hearty bushman’s brekkie. This dinky-di meal of snags, chops and vegies gives our swagman all the energy he needs, to chase all the kangaroos he pleases throughout the day and is substantial enough to carry our little Aussie battler all the way to first smoko, without once reachin’ for the billy.

Serves 4


4 thick sausages

4 lamb loin chops

2 large tomatoes, cut in half

4 rashers bacon, trimmed

2 cups button mushrooms, halved

4 eggs

Oil for cooking


1. Place sausages, chops, tomatoes and bacon under a hot grill.

2. Cook meats to your liking. Turn the tomatoes once or twice to ensure they are cooked on both sides.

3. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, heat a little oil and add mushrooms. Cook until soft and juicy.

4. In a frying pan, heat oil. Crack the eggs and cook to your liking.

5. Pile onto a plate and serve while hot with a freshly brewed cuppa.