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The Last Note: Song of Teeth 4

65 pages58 minutes


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone...

“Every voice erupted in a cacophony of howls, roars, and guttural barks..."

With Ally captured by the rival scientist Dr. Kyle Rubidio, Mark, Tatiana, and Dr. Sanders reel from the loss of their work and this new threat to their friend. After each tries and fails in their separate ways to rescue Ally and their research, the three turn to each other again for help. After exhausting all legal options, they resort to any means necessary to save Ally—and possibly her entire species—from Dr. Rubidio’s cruelty. Their secrets are in danger of being exposed, and their loyalties are severely tested. But help appears in several unexpected places....

Eventually, tensions and old fears erupt in a horrific clash between reptile and human that will leave the city of Fontel reeling, and forever change the lives of everyone involved in an instant. The human world can no longer ignore what exists beneath its feet.

In the meantime, Mark’s home life causes further strain when he learns his brother has been arrested. Faced with the enormous task of saving an entire lost civilization, and with trying to repair his relationships with his family and Tatiana, Mark must find the courage and reason to withstand the greatest challenges of his life. Everyone must decide what is worth sacrificing, and what is worth saving.

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Without another word, Tatiana reached into another pouch and retrieved her new digital recorder. Holding it above her head, she played the file they had recorded of Ally’s choked singing in the tank. Her sputtering voice against the faint backdrop of violins resounded through the cavern, seeming to silence even the placid trickling of water. Every breath was stifled, every movement suspended. The recording ended, and a moment as eerie and still as the emptiness before a tsunami trapped them all. Then, an explosion of chaos.

Every voice erupted in a cacophony of howls, roars, and guttural barks. The stone towers themselves vibrated with the deafening thunder; it was if a pin had pricked the thin membrane of silence and let a brutal ocean burst through. The crowd behind Mark, Tatiana and Dr. Sanders started lunging at them, forcing the guards to throw them back into other members of the crowd. The guards, joined by a few other guards that ran up from behind the leader, drew tight around the humans, turning their powerful jaws against a writhing sea of furious reptiles. Calling out in the rattling cry that Mark recognized from their first encounter, the leader tried again and again to calm the crowds, but even his influence could not stop them. A riot of thrashing tails, scrabbling claws, and gnashing teeth swept through the entire population.

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