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Dolphin of the Ocean Ebook

Length: 54 pages18 minutes


Note: A percentage of sales will be donated to an organisation that supports the conservation of dolphins. Visit our website for further details. Together we can make a difference!

This interactive book has many features that can teach children how to care for dolphins and the oceans of the world:

1. Story:

One night under the stars, James finds a dolphin stranded on the beach. James is able to save the little dolphin and help Orion return to her ocean home. A magical friendship develops between James and Orion. Will Orion be able to help James find joy in his life again?

2. Messages:

Many messages and facts are provided about dolphins and their natural environment. Heartfelt thanks to Sea World, Gold Coast for assisting with the factual information in this book and the opportunity to swim with the dolphins which was the inspiration for this story.

3. How to make a difference:

Discover how you can make a difference and save the dolphins.

4. Mermaids and Mermen: Discover more about the legend of these enchanting mythical creatures that are believed to be friends with the dolphins.

5. Age Range:

By educating 6 to 10 year old children through these stories, it will deepen their understanding of people, various cultures, animals and the environment.

6. About the Author:

Natalie Clarke has taught in Australian Schools for 20 years. Over the years, she has written numerous published children’s stories, educational resources for the classroom and various interactive DVD games.

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