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Good Riddance

339 pages8 hours


Leo Templeton is a successful partner at a prominent New Jersey law firm. He has lied to, cheated on, and stolen from his partners, his clients, his wife and his girlfriends on his way to the top. When he is found dead just before a partners’ meeting to throw him out of the firm, there is no shortage of suspects. All of them, and many more, have motive and opportunity to have committed the murder, and the evidence points everywhere. As his partners discover and try to clean up the mess he left behind and maneuver to try to take his place, Det. Arnold tries to sort through Templeton’s sordid life to find the killer. Will the help of beautiful insider Melinda Devereaux be enough for Arnold to solve the crime? With Templeton hurting everyone in his life, will anyone other than Arnold, and the people in the office pool betting on who committed the murder, care whether the murderer is brought to justice?

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