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Gale Swept

593 pages10 hours


Samantha and David have made the ultimate commitment to each other. For as long as they both live, they will live united as one. But the Knight family will have nothing to do with it. They were willing to tolerate Samantha as long as she was nothing more than an assignment they could monitor. But David has taken it too far and they are determined to end the relationship.

Samantha and David go on the run only to find themselves brutally attacked by their enemies. David is taken prisoner while Samantha is left for dead. By the grace of God she is saved but she must rescue David. In order to rescue him she must break into the world of the Gale's; another family of power. The second portion of her destiny is about to be revealed where she must accept her role as the prophesied Knightingale and only Eric can lead the way.

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