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Night Train to RonKonKoma

402 pages5 hours


A collection of short stories by Dov Silverman, award winning history fiction author - touching on moments in history, things we should not forget, and how the heart never forgets.

Tennessee Mountain Music
A Man’s Reputation
Banjo Eddie
Elvis Helps Me Courting
Amphitrite (Women’s Prison ship)
Recall the Flagman
The Retarded Mother
Presidential Sicilian Connection
The Laughing Moon
Charge of the Black Brigade
Where’s Daddy going?
The Cherokee Saint
Francois Dubois
Top Shelf
American Work Ethic
Iwo Jima Rabbi
No Problem
An Amorous Alligator
The Fifth Marines
The Zoo
Cruelty to Animals
One Good Look
Ma Bollinger
Theodore Roosevelt
Taken for Granted

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