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Imaginary: Kyo

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The Imaginary Series centers on a house full of psychics or those with special abilities who simply do not fit anywhere else. The introduction to this mystical home is seen through the eyes of a newcomer, Kyo - a Japanese man with naturally blond hair and blue eyes, to the confusion of everyone around him.

Kyo Harper, a twenty-four year old arcade employee, has always been a stranger person than most, and that's not including his multiple piercings, tattoos or dry wit. His hidden abilities and vivid visions were what caused his parents to institutionalize him at fourteen years old. Now, when a periodic serial killer strikes again after eight years, terrorizing Kyo's mind with horrific images and threats, it's not only his sanity Kyo is concerned about, but his very life.

Thankfully - or perhaps not , depending on his fickle mood- Kyo is introduced to Brian Warwick, a "specialist" in this area who runs a "voodoo house" where several others with powers like Kyo's are taking shelter from non-believers. Perhaps here, Kyo can learn to control his powers, accept who he is, build true relationships...and figure out how to deal with the madman just on his (psychic) heels.

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