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If you are reading this, it's a pretty good bet that the "Gotcha" grabbed your attention. If it did, great! If you arrived here by some other means, you made a wise decision. Find out why as you read on.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It connects the citizens of the world in ways never before thought possible. Can you even comprehend what miracles our forefathers would believe if they could visit our online world today?

Our computers educate us, enlighten us and entertain us like no other technological breakthrough during our known history. We can visit the vastness of outer space, share a class with people in foreign lands and view a recent movie blockbuster with the click of a mouse.

We have learned how to shrink our computer device down to a miniature size that we can take along wherever we go. Ask anyone who owns one and they will certainly share their joy and experiences with you.

However, with each advancement comes more risk and responsibility. It seems like with every shiny new object, technology throws us another pitfall. A new computer advancement in the medical field can be offset by some hacker who finds a new way to steal your identity.

As each child in their classrooms learns how to laugh and share with children abroad, some deviant seeks to lure the innocent into a web of deceit.

The best efforts of law enforcement and governments are not always enough to dispel all of the dangers lurking on the web. The threat is always there, just one click or one swipe away. As responsible adults we MUST do our part to safeguard our loved ones.

What can you do?

Back when there was just one computer per household, it was fairly easy for parents to monitor online activity to safeguard their children. But, that confidence has gone by the wayside with the advent of the smart phone and the other types of mobile computers.

Ongoing vigilance is the only way to protect your family and loved ones. Kids, the elderly and the uneducated are all potential victims of online skullduggery.

If you have no idea where to begin protecting all the people you care about, then you need to educate yourself. And, once educated, you must stay alert and remain in that mindset. What is new today is obsolete tomorrow.

So, are you prepared?

Ask yourself these three questions:

What if you could easily learn about the dangers out there?
What if you could learn that BEFORE you are affected?
What if there is a way to get this information fast?

Well, you can, there is and we'd like to show you just how simple it can be.

It can be fairly painless if you are properly prepared. You need to have a good attitude AND know how to find and review the right tools. Having a positive approach and belief that you CAN protect your family are important factors.

You provide the appropriate attitude and we'll show you how to decide what are the right tools for your situation, both free and paid.

You'll get the information you need in our guide, "Family Net Safety Guide."

It's really all about common sense - what you need to do and how do you do it. How doing things consistently each day can insure a good outcome. That's what you get in "Family Net Safety Guide."

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