"Witnessing for Jesus 101" or "Beginning Witnessing", this is an anthology of sermons, talks given inside prisons, newspaper articles and additional materials written specifically for this book. Collectively, they will help answer the following questions:
1. What’s the difference between evangelism and witness? Which is better? Why? (Chapters 1 and 21)
2. How do I explain the Holy Spirit to a newcomer and how the Holy Spirit will work in their life? (Chapter 2)
3. How do I explain why churches talk about sin differently? (Chapter 3)
4. How do I explain prayer and how to pray? (Chapter 4)
5. How much faith is necessary? (Chapter 5)
6. How do I explain what the Bible has to say about judging? (Chapter 6)
7. What’s a good example from the New Testament of failure and second chances? (Chapter 11)
8. How do I counter those who use Doubting Thomas as a defense in support of their skepticism and continued fence straddling? (Chapter 12)
9. What are lenses and filters that we often use to miss important points of scripture and our own history? (Chapters 14 and 15)
10. How do I counter pointless discussions about the rapture and Anti-Christ? (Chapter 18)
11. Why do I need a church and which church? (Chapters 15 and 16)
12. When’s a good time to start telling others about Jesus and what should I be prepared to share? (Chapters 9, 10, and 22)

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