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"Context is King" is a quote by Dr. Peter Gerhardt a Behavior Analyst in the field of Autism. Understanding context is critical for social success. I spent several years trying to master certain social skills. I read books on the subject and even studied with people.
It wasn't until I learned about social context that I began to see huge improvements in the area of friendship in my life. People with autism need to learn a social skill set for several different environments.
We access a different set of social skills for the club or at a party than we would at the library. We must learn how to access different social channels for various situations.
We also need to understand the different context of each social relationship. A good friendship is not the same context as a co-worker.
We must learn how to behave differently with the co-worker than we do our friend. This book will help your child or student learn the different channels or contexts of social relationships.
Included in this manuscript is an appendix of terms that we typically see associated with Autism. Travis takes these terms and breaks them down to show you how they affect him and apply to his daily life.

With Autism: Social Thinking and Friendship you also get examples from Travis' life. To the neruotypical doing a simple task like using the urnal doesn't require much thought. To me, I process several thoughts of how to go into a public restroom and use the urnal properly. I'll break down your one thought into 10-20 different thoughts your child might have while doing that simple task.

This book is all about social thinking. Once I learned some basic technical social skills I realized that wasn't enough. I needed to understand social thinking. How to apply those skills was the missing link for me. Applying those skills requires good social thinking.

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