The Man, Stone

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The Man, Stone

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 176 pages2 hours


Buckley Stone returns to a sunken Spanish treasure ship after several years of being away.
He was forced to turn tail to run from an impending hurricane that threatened him and his crew.
Now, after he is offered financial backing for the second trip, he jumps at the chance,not knowing that he would be confronting the backward personality of his financial backer who hired on as photographer. However, his aggressive personality ruffles the feathers of Buckley and the backer becomes a constant thorn in Buckley's side because his backer is constantly vying to be captain of the dive vessel. Things become worst while doing the salvage operations. Things that change his life and the once cool and collective man he had been turns into a nearly mad man bent on killing his wife's killer, upon completion of the salvage operation. Buckley makes it his life's only aim---that of killing the man that murdered his dear wife, however, such a feat does not come easy and he finds himself close to his own demise.
The story is exciting with a comical flair because of the colorful characters and very suspenseful drama, as the characters test one another's patience. The ending is full of suspense and drama that will be holding the interest of any sleepy-eyed reader.

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