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The Vampire's Wife

294 pages


Book II of The Hungry Trilogy.

Jane Walker manages a gallery in Fort Worth, Texas for her guardian and business partner Julian Lauren. Six weeks ago she met the mysterious creature Kanin Basileo. Upon learning his dark secret, she agrees to marry him.

Jane accepts her place beside Kanin as the wife of the eldest vampire. For the first time in her life she has everything - wealth, influence, and passion beyond her dreams. But her perfect world begins to unravel when Julian suffers a heart attack.

As the only servant to never have endured their bite, Jane fears for her life when Kanin introduces her to the malevolent vampires in the Parisian château. Kanin assures her that there is nothing to fear, but when something goes wrong with the Parisian vampires, Jane finds herself at their mercy.

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The Vampire's Wife - A. S. Albrecht

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