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A Connecticut Vampire in King Arthur's Court

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21st century vampire Richard DeVere never intended to become a time traveler. When he is mysteriously catapulted back five hundred years into the dawn of the Tudor age, he suddenly finds himself in the reign of King Henry the Seventh. It’s safe to say that he’s abruptly shaken out of his comfort zone.
Despite the physical advantages afforded a vampire, he feels strangely vulnerable in a medieval world where wooden stakes and arrows are the norm. He knows he must adapt if he is to survive the turbulent and barbaric times.
Posing as tutor in remote Ludlow Castle, Richard DeVere is swept along in the tide of events as young crown Prince Arthur prepares to ascend the throne with his bride-to-be Catherine of Aragon. Richard's knowledge of Tudor England is sketchy at best but he remembers enough to realize that it's Arthur's brother Henry who is destined to become an infamous king.
With the influence of beguiling Lady Jane Winterbrooke and the spirited support of Sir Gruffydd Rhys in Arthur’s court, Richard begins to wonder if history should be changed...
If it could be changed...

"A Connecticut Vampire in King Arthur's Court" is the first book of the new "Connecticut Vampire" series. Book 2 is expected in Autumn 2013, and book 3 is expected before Christmas 2013.

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