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River God: An Irish historical romance

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Life for Irish village people during the turbulent early 11th century is not easy for anyone. Against the backdrop of King Brian Boru's conquest of Ireland, it is even harder for a boy that is branded a fool. The blacksmith's son, Balor is one such fool. His father is ashamed of him and despises him for being a weakling. His mother is too busy caring for and spoiling his frail younger sister to see to his needs. His sister is a nasty malicious girl who adds to his misery.

Without parental or sibling support, Balor finds solace swimming in the river.

From a distance, the boy Balor falls in love with Fee, the daughter of a woodcutter and a healer. Fee notices him in the river. In her childish games, she thinks of him as a river god, but she doesn't encourage the smitten boy.

While suffering abuse from village bullies, Balor endures his unrequited love of Fee. Will he succeed in winning her heart?

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