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Under Hill

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After the assassination of the Aos Si king, Shade has escaped but is hurt and dying. He flees into the hands of an unexpected benefactor who leads him back to Carla.

Though Carla stands with Alise in the battle against Sunblade, The Valley falls to his forces and the Aos Si scatter, leaving Carla and to face Sunblade alone. When Carla's mother is captured, Carla realizes that only her father, the High Prince Athol of the Greenhall is powerful enough to defeat Sunblade and save her mother. But Athol is a prisoner of the High Court in the Realm Under the Hill.

When Shade returns to Carla, they fight their way to Steall Ban and venture into the forbidden Realm Under the Hill to free her father, despite the warning that if they go Under Hill, they can never return.

I couldn’t put it down!
(Christina F York author of Rodeo Royalty)

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