Cloud isn't simply a marketing term. It’s not technology or hype either. Cloud is a new way to look at how organizations operate. From finance to marketing, from operations to IT, using cloud methodology can help make your organization more nimble, streamlined, innovative and more profitable while better enabling your employees to work more effectively and less restrained by your current IT systems.

Unfortunately such a great leap in innovation comes with a steep learning curve. So instead of putting off cloud projects which can help usher in a new culture of innovation, it’s time to get the information out in the most effective way possible.

Deconstructing Cloud is the first step towards cloud adoption without the technical masters degree requirement. From the evolution of servers and data centres to virtualized environments, what to look for in services and types of offerings, a thorough crash course in security and compliance, and some insight into where to start implementing cloud technologies and how to get the right resources to make it happen, Deconstructing Cloud is a single point of education on cloud.

Table of Contents:
Cloud, Virtualization and the Rest of the Jargon
Cloud, without the Jargon
Virtualization: A Computer in a Computer
Understanding Cloud Platforms
OpenStack: The Open Source Cloud
Open or Closed Clouds?
Building Cloud Environments
Cloud Storage

The Big Three of Cloud
IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service
PaaS: Platform as a Service
SaaS: Software as a Service

Doing More With Less
Introducing Cloud into your Enterprise
Say Goodbye to Internal Cost Centres
Cloud and the Demise of On-Premise Equipment
Vendor Management in the Age of Cloud
Using Cloud for Standardization
The Side Benefits of Cloud
Cloud as a Tool for Cost Control

Cloud Transformation
Cloud Benefits for the C-Level Crowd
Big Data
DevOps: The New IT Team
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love the Cloud
Why CFOs Love Cloud Computing
The New Role of the IT Team
Cloud as a Catalyst for Innovation within IT

Securing the Cloud
Whoever Marketed Cloud Is a Genius
Protecting the Virtual Landscape
Cloud Security Simplified
Endpoint in Virtual Environments
Perimeter Security in Cloud
Virtualization and Visibility
Access Control and Cloud
User Management
Mobility and BYOD
Security Testing in Virtualized and Cloud Environments
Cloud Security Resources
Big data and Security

Compliance & Other Things that go Bump in the Night
How Cloud and Virtualization affects Compliance
Virtualization and Forensics
Disaster Recovery, Cloud Style
Cloud Replication
Outsourcing Security

Getting Started with Cloud
Application Virtualization
Application Modernization
Application Design
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Intelligent Desktop Virtualization
Cloud and Collaboration
Mobile Device Management
Leveraging Big Data for Good

Cloud as a Competitive Advantage
Cloud Service Providers
Cloud and Mid-Market Organizations
Cloud Brokers
Vendor Collaboration
Cloud and the Education Sector
Cloud and the Careers of Tomorrow

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