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Corn Chowder Recipe

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Corn Chowder Recipe gives details of 37 different corn chowder recipes. Corn chowder is one of the most heart warming comfort foods that there is. There are lots of different versions of this classic recipe and the tastiest of them are in this book. Although corn chowder may seem to be difficult to make you will soon discover that it is quite easy to prepare. Warm your life up and get the book.

One of the best things about chowders is the fact that you can adapt them and add all kinds of different ingredients. This has a double benefit in that it can keep them interesting and use up all of your spare ingredients in the process. You can add all kinds of different ingredients from smoked fish to crab and lobster meat. The list is really endless. The main thing to aim for is a good hearty meal that will make you want to make it again and again.

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