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We are all searching for Peace and Love in our innermost souls. This collection of Articles, with tips to inspire, will hopefully bring about the Peace and Love that we, and this world, all want and need. "I believe that the best sort of gain that we can hope for is when we make others happy. To see that sparkle in the eye of that old lady whom you help to cross the road."


“Sinha draws from the heart and her work is insightful and inspirational.
Her raison d'être, love conquers all.”
..................Rosalind Beal, Published Photographer and Artiste

"Thank you Malobi, for your candor and honesty. I think you have a gift that you share in your writing which is both beautifully constructed and is rich in imagery and feeling of nature and spirit..."
..................Frank Esposito, Author, Editor - PoetryPasta

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