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Center of Attention: Hide in Plain Sight Series-Book 1

341 pages4 hours


For fans of C. E. Murphy's Negotiator series, this is a story of a hidden fantasy world amidst our normal world - where those who are normal know and are scared of these creatures, though the normal world intrudes with the 1929 Stock Market Crash just days away...

Is it possible to stay alive when you're surrounded by the enemy?

Her parents tortured her.

She escaped.

And headed to New York.

Karolina Wokowski dreams of a career on Broadway. In a world where werewolves and other fantastic creatures live quietly next to those who are "normal," Karolina's determination will put her at odds with most in her werewolf clan and some in the supernatural community - because they believe blending in is the best defense against capture and death.

Surviving her parents' brutality, Karolina knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of both mental and physical abuse. She is torn between playing it safe and reaching for the stars.

Can she stay alive to see her dream begin to come true?

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