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Glossary of The Sankhyakarika

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Tarka shastra is protecting our Adhyatma Mandir by remaining fortified, in the outskirt of the temple. Mimansa escorts a student in the inner circle. Sankhya school describes the expansion of Prakriti in its intrinsic three gunas and thereby indirectly suggesting a principle beyond these three gunas.

Yoga takes as aspirant further in deeper heart where God is seen seated. There the upanisadas are waving fan on Him. That supreme deity which in popular language is called Rama is the ultimate and final Guru.

In scholarly exposure the technical words used in every school of philosophy have a special shade of meaning, which differs from popular meaning. Sankhya philosophy has got an overwhelming impact on the material and spiritual fields in our culture. Hence there is a need of proper understanding of the words used in the Sankhya school of thought.

"Sankhyakarikas" is the only authentic text on Sankhya available to us today. Therefore words from that text have been explained in this book. This attempt, we hope, will help the reader to study the Sankhya philosophy.

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