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If you build it, they will come.
Or if you destroy it, will they run? That’s every do-it-yourselfer’s fear—a home-improvement project that goes awry.
Making your home a better place to live is as Americana as apple pie, the Fourth of July and baseball games.

In this hilarious collection of 65 real-life stories, the authors have bravely stepped up to the plate to hit their DIY home runs. Depending on what’s thrown at them, some strike out and most make it to base. But they all have one important thing in common—they are not afraid to try.

We invite you to root for our authors as they share their favorite DIY adventures. And who knows—maybe you’re already on the home improvement team, ready to hit that DIY grand slam. You can do it, and they will come.

Chapter and story titles include:

CHAPTER 1: How Hard Can It Be?
A Handywoman’s Tale by Cathy C. Hall
Getting a Handle on Life by Ernie Witham
Fuzzy Logic by Caroleah Johnson
It Looked So Easy by Heidi Griminger Blanke
The Rise and Fall of Ms. Fixit by Risa Nye
Flood or Fame by Kathe Campbell
The True Meaning of DIY by Dianne J. Wilson
The Tile Files by Lucia Paul

Fan-dango by Mike McHugh
Power Play by Debra Ayers Brown
Kill a Watt? by Sheila S. Hudson
Euro Shock by Arthur Bowler
Plier-Lamping 1 by Kathryn Cureton
A DIY GPS by David Martin
Jolt of Reality by Camille DeFer Thompson

CHAPTER 3: The Magic of Wallpaper and Paint
Lines and Lions by Laurel McHargue
Nice Try by Harriet Cooper
Screw This by MaryAnn Myers
Caribbean Blue by Pamela Frost
Coming Unglued by Terri Duncan
When the Wife’s Away by John Reas
The Perils of Paint by Mary Mendoza
Steamed by Lesley Morgan

CHAPTER 4: Go with the Flow
Where Real Men Hang Out by Ernie Witham
What Comes Around
Goes Around by Pamela Frost
The Domino Effect by Banjo Bandolas
The Powderless Powder Room by David Martin
The Missing Gene by Meg Mardis
Finally Flush by Maureen Rogers
Deep Doo Doo by Terri Duncan

CHAPTER 5: Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here
Reverse-Engineering by Monica Giglio
Peach Pits, Grits and Hissy Fits Cappy Hall Rearick
Pinterest Made Me Do It by Abigail Green
Chase to the Cut by Lisa Tognola
An Uncontrollable Urge by Judi Tepe
Let’s Get Crafty by Cindy Kloosterman
Anyone Can Do It by Tracy Winslow

CHAPTER 6: It Seemed Like a Good Idea . . .
Free Labor, Anyone? by Pat Wahler
Stick-to-itiveness by Beth Bartlett
Rooftop Free-fall by Dianna Graveman
The Formation of Death by Kari Collins
News of the Day by Linda O’Connell
It Hits the Fan by Pamela Frost
Burned Out by Suzanne Olsen

CHAPTER 7: Spare Parts
He’s Not That Into Me by Stacey Gustafson
Awl in the Family by Mike McHugh
Monument to Manhood by Cindy Hval
In Hot Water by Gloria Hander Lyons
Project Man by Maggie Lamond Simone
In Pursuit of Perfection by Timothy Martin

CHAPTER 8: Better Lawns and Gardens
Rock of Ages by John Schlimm
Thou Shalt Not by Shari Courter
A Zillion Zinnias by Terri Elders
Muddy Waters by Stephanie Fellenstein
He Who Kills Weeds by Stacey Gustafson
It Had to Be Yew by Lesley Morgan
Teamwork by Alice Muschany
Letting Go by Tori Nichols

CHAPTER 9: Women Who Get’r Done
I Can Do Anything by Bobby Barbara Smith
Bait Me by Pat Nelson
The Mystery Machine by Jill Pertler
Up Against a Brick Wall by Suzanne Olsen
GDCS by Susan Swartwout2
Even if Askew by Janet Sheppard Kelleher
It’s All Good by Sally Fingerett

So, if you want to laugh at (and perhaps empathize with) those crazy people who take on home remodeling and repairs themselves, too often with less than desirable results, then Not Your Mother's Book...On Home Improvement is the ticket. It includes 65 true and funny stories

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