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A Murder of Crows Deliverance

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A Murder of Crows Deliverance is the second book of the true story told in the, A Murder of Crows trilogy. Starting where A Murder of Crows Salvation, ended the story takes a strange turn when after a constant fight with nu-forgiveness Tony is delivered from the anger of the injustice at the hands of people who lied and schemed against him. Only when the peace comes into Tony's life is he free; yet still in prison. After years of the prison's dirty tricks obstructing everything Tony works toward. Even the downgrading of his security categorization ends up in The Royal Courts of Justice The Strand. When that fails he has a surgical operation in an effort to win security points in the mad world he lives in.
Then a twist he could never see coming.
The story of two people meeting in the most unlikely of places, a prison chapel, can only be divine intervention. When Tony and Rita fall in love the forbidden love turns their lives upside down. The prison discover their relationship and swoop on Tony sending him to the segregation unit. Rita is suspended pending an internal investigation. Inappropriate behaviour with a prisoner and his mother is the charge against her. With the forced months of separation their love grows stronger. The pain of being apart from each other tests the bond they have forged over the six month in HMP Garth. A bond that can't be broken.
Now with a reason to gain parole Tony has to convince the prison to grant his release, two years early. The time is always right when God is in it. Read the book to find out more. Its a Love story. An emotional ride made all the more because it's true. Told in the first person you feel you're hearing it has it unfolds.

Reviewed by Paul Senior.
Having read the first of this trilogy I was very keen to read the follow up - and I wasn't disappointed. The 'action' such as it is keeps the reader turning the pages, a real insight into prison life; the 'good' points and the bad. Numerous characters (real people) and the lives they lead are told in conjunction with Tony's story inside various prisons. The love story that subsequently emerges is very engaging but also temporarily tragic as the 'establishment' seeks to put an end to the career of a well-loved and respected prison chaplain. Throughout there is the underlying story of the purposes of God in Tony's life, though not always apparent. I am now looking forward to the third part of this trilogy to complete the story. A thoroughly gripping read.

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