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Baby Animals: Story Time For Kids

22 pages6 minutes


Have a great time enjoying the baby animals with your kids
Colorful and cute animals are found in this book!
Chase the chick while it runs around and its golden fuzzy ball. Enjoy the wagging trunk of the baby elephant and keep it cute and cuddly. A lumpy camel would make you say "ooohhh!" because it looks cute. A baby Rhino seems not vicious without its horns. All these baby animals and more to discover.Want to know the other baby animals in this book?
Download and find out!
Parents' Reviews:
"Fun and learning is on this book! Enjoyable descriptions for kids" - C. Bailey
"Simple and yet effective learning tool for kids " - A. Webster
"My kid is now reciting the animals on this book because he enjoyed seeing them on this book! " - A. King

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