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Golden Nuggets of Hobo Wisdom: A tale of Drunken Debauchery, Urban Survival, & Love

302 pages4 hours


The Hobo, a man or a monster? What makes a person want to give up on trying to be a productive person? Is it a case of surrendering to the inevitable, or is it the ultimate survival trip across America? In Golden Nuggets of Hobo Wisdom, we learn from the ground up how Ryan Sprinkle was born to be a Hobo.

This is a journey of alcohol, drugs, kidnappings, walking, boredom, extreme weather, completely inappropriate politically incorrect humor, and everything else imaginable (and not imaginable) in this would-be hobo’s life. Along the way you will be picking up countless “Golden Nuggets” should you ever find yourself steeped in the bizzaro world of hobos and hitch hiking; such as how to fish for squirrels, how to fly effective signs, and the secret art of the hobo’s dip out.

This book is a very real person’s struggle with a life full of no accomplishments, a serious alcohol problem, and the highly probable outcome of graduating from hobo to wino. Ryan Sprinkle was born to be a hobo, but how he ends up...well, that depends on how many bridges he can burn.

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