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Below the Belt (An Ancient Alien Fiction Novel)

286 pages4 hours


Alisa Greer excitedly begins her doctoral program in anthropology when she meets the young professor Dr. Corwin Pierce. An awkward genius, she swears his eyes change color as a result of the light, and his cold appearance can only be a figment of her imagination. Yet as Alisa gets closer to Pierce, bizarre things happen on campus and at archaeological sites that all link back to him. Students go missing under strange circumstances and inexplicable displays of light occur at ancient sites across the globe. Frightened and fascinated, she can only begin to guess at the mystery of Pierce. But the truth is more disturbing than she can imagine...

Unwittingly, Alisa finds herself at the center of an ancient alien conflict where terraformed worlds face apocalypse and rebirth at the hands of Watchers. Follow Alisa as she is drawn into their bloody history, spanning from Orion's Belt to the edges of the galaxy. Alisa will negotiate unspeakable loss, romance, and what it means to be human as she chooses between destructive rebellion and alien distance in the science fiction book, BELOW THE BELT.

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