Chapter I - What Happens After Death
A. Facing life and death,
B. Is there life after death?
C. What happens at the point of death?
D. The Spiritual body.
E. Others come to meet and help us.
F. We examine the way in which we have lived our lives.
G. After death states which follow the examination.
H. Choosing the next step in our evolution.
I. Where do these after death environments exist?
J. Choosing a new incarnation.
K. The birth experience.
L. Conclusions.

Chapter II Facing our Own Death
A. Time waste is life waste.
B. We have come to Earth with a purpose,
C. Harmonizing our relationships.
D. Self-examination.
E. Transforming our belief systems.
F. Learning to let go - Relaxation, prayer and meditation.
G. Faith in God and in our spiritual self.
H. Detachment from the physical body and senses.
I. The dream state as a practice ground for after death states.
J. Conclusions

Chapter III Helping Others Depart Peacefully & Consciously
A. We live in a death denying society.
B. Helping others to live happily until they die.
C. The psychological stages one experiences as he faces death.
D. Helping a person to face death consciously.
E. Guiding the spirit once it has left the physical body.

Chapter IV The Reincarnation Of Saada Hatoum

Chapter V Some Interesting Quotations About Reincarnation
Chapter VI Why I Believe In Reincarnation
A. Books that I have read.
B. The concept of reincarnation explains many questions about life.
C. Psychic readings
D. Case studies of children with memory of past lives.
E. Guiding others into memories of past lives.
F. My spiritual teachers.
G. Observing the laws of nature.
H. Questions and arguments against reincarnation.
I. Possible therapies and attitude changes.

Chapter VII An Analysis of the Basis of Reality

Chapter VIII Coping with the Departure of Loved Ones

Chapter IX The Evolution of a Squirrel

Chapter X Questionnaires on the Acceptance of Death

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