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For a Muslim, the focal point is the Holy Quran. It is the guide book that Allah(s.w.t) has sent down for us to follow in our daily life. It is relevant to us today as much as it was relevant 1400 years ago.
The danger we face, is when we reduce the Quran to just a recital. It is more than a recital; it is a reminder as the Quran points on it numerous verse.
The Quran constantly questions... 'Do you not ponder' Do you not reflect' Do you not think'
These are clear commands to each and every one of us to use the Quran in a way where we benefit from it, that it guides us to the 'Truth' and away from 'falsehood'

In order for us to live a Quranic life; we need to understand what the Quran is telling us. And as one gets familiar with the Quran; he can get alot out of the Quran. Every time he reads a verse he gets a different message from it.
For every outer meaning, there is an inner meaning; and for every inner meaning there are upto 70 other inner meaning.

As one perserveres in trying to understand the Quran; he reaches a point where he enjoys sitting down with the Quran; emptying his heart of all else and letting the Quran speak to him. The pleasure that one gets from this cannot be compared to anything this world has to offer.
It is no wonder that the Imam(a.s) said that if he was left alone with the Quran and there existed no other human being on this earth; he would never feel lonely.

However, to be able to understand what the Quran is telling us; one needs to understand certain prerequisites. These include the study of the Arabic language; the context in which the verses were revealed; metaphors and similes used in the Quran; abrogation in the Quran and so on.

This book provides the reader the foundation he needs to begin this journey of discovery of the Holy Quran. a journey which; if one starts, he would never want to go back.

The style used by the author is very easy to read; with a logical flow.

A recommended read for all.

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