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Cthulhu Shuffle

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Cthulhu – poster child of “The Great Old Ones” is about to cross the inter-dimensional threshold and destroy all life on earth! ... But who’s going to believe a load of nonsense like that? – Nobody you’d want to depend on ... or even be seen with.
So Douglas is just going to have to deal with the issue himself – along with a few acquaintances if he can sucker or bribe them into the project.
Now the race is on as Douglas, a reluctant but resourceful photographer, and a sexy psychotic blonde try to outmaneuver a global death cult, a multitude of deadly creatures, pirates and an unscrupulous marina manager as they embark on a worldwide quest to prevent the end of the world as we know it ... without killing each other in the process.
The timeless legacy created by the late horror master H.P. Lovecraft once more emerges to fuel this fast paced, contemporary tale, which binds together the eternal key elements of all fine literature – Guns, sex and monsters ... (Feel free to mix them up however you like).

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