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Eight-year old Samantha is a beautiful, biracial girl who has an adoring father, Grayson, a baby brother, Tavis, who worships her, wonderful grandparents and aunt, Carol. What is missing is the affection and love from her mother, Tanya, who struggles to love anyone even herself. Samantha is confused as to why her loving father would abandon his family, leaving their mother sole custody, the one person who never showed love or affection to her or Tavis. Snatched from the safety of their upper middle class home, loving father, grandparents, and their Aunt Carol, Samantha helplessly watches as her and Tavis’ lives take a tragic downward spiral.
Faces ~ Samantha begins with the main character, 8-year-old Samantha being pushed out of a car onto cold asphalt in front of General Hospital’s emergency room by her cruel babysitter, Mrs. Essie. It is almost 1 o’clock a.m., and the Midwest winter cold engulfs Samantha’s beaten and bruised body. Through her pain and agony, all Samantha can think about is who will protect her little brother, Tavis.
As blood fills her swollen belly, Samantha fades to black without noticing ER staff rushing to her side. Can she be saved? Will she return to protect Tavis? Through the darkness, Samantha fights for their lives

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