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Football is a full contact sport - in the South, so is being a fan. Don’t go in unprepared.

The SEC Football Primer: Don’t Eat Your Sunglasses is the ultimate guide to being the ultimate fan of the game. Not only a handy history and team guide, this little book offers tips on garnering cosmic mojo, smuggling, mixed marriages, storming the field and - crucially – not eating your sunglasses.

Mascots...are very important to college sports, although the why is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they offer a certain continuity as our heroes comes, shine and depart every three or four years, perhaps they soften an otherwise brutal sport, perhaps most sports fans are men and most men never really outgrow The Muppet Show.

Fan Speak...Depending on tone and context, “War Eagle” can mean any of the following:
Go to Hell
I Love You
Macaroni and cheese...again!
Quite Frankly Officer, I'm not sure that I am Sober.

How To Raise Children in a Mixed Marriage...Do you present the child with the attributes of both and let him/her choose? Do you make the decision before conception? Do you arm wrestle or play Risk to decide which parent has the honor? Wing eating contest?

Mojos...The curious thing about beards is that the wilder they get, the better they work. This is the football gods’ way of testing the wherewithal of the sports fan. A nice trim number you can wear to the office will not garner you much cosmically. You really need to get to where you look homeless or, at the very least, completely crazy.

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