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The Process: Deliverance, Healing and Restoration

128 pages1 hour


Are you tired of repeating the same toxic habits? Has resentment lodged in your heart, but you sense God asking you to let it go? Are you having difficulty forgiving others or yourself for mistakes that happened years ago? This book is for you.
Minister Susan Cambridge invites you to travel with her through her personal journey of deliverance, inner healing, and restoration. Her dynamic teaching will ignite hope in each heart, unlock the secrets to victorious Christian living, and provide a spiritual pathway to a newfound freedom in Christ. As believers implement sound biblical principles, they will live in peace, wholeness, and abundance.
Minister Susan Cambridge tackles some of life’s tough topics:
•freedom from habitual sins
•conquering forgiveness and resentment
•developing and maintaining safeguards
•the power of worship
Become all God wants you to be and break the enemy’s pattern of pain over your life. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process, but it promises to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling spiritual experiences you will ever encounter.

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