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Lester Levenson's Secret Comeback: Will I am

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Born in the same year when Lester Levenson, an American Physicist, went from deadly illness to full healing by awakening to enlightenment within three months, Karin Wettig never believed in any religious or spiritual tradition. Driven by allergies, severe nutrition problems and pain, she was convinced that God existed neither in churches nor in the universe. Angry with her destiny, she set out to discover the truth behind all suffering. Lester Levenson’s self-realization intrigued her. As she couldn’t ask him in person, her research of several years led her intuition to unveil exciting coincidences that proved to her the magically inspiring power of spiritual masters and the hidden presence of Lester Levenson in a new form because nothing is impossible to a true master.
Being rescued twice from death made her investigate the realm of human consciousness and awareness even deeper. After having studied various mental and energetic healing techniques such as NLP, Hypnosis, Matrix, Healing Touch, Releasing, Rebirthing, Access Consciousness and even physical therapies, she discovered that stilling the mind by meditation using pure awareness was the bridge to meeting the masters “in a body” or even on the astral plane.

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