Here comes an authentic guide for the rapidly evolving mobile data landscape that resides at the heart of the smartphone revolution. As the industry saying goes, “Smartphones are as good as the wireless networks which carry them.” The book covers early mobile data networks like ARDIS and Mobitex, and provides a detailed treatment of GSM’s mobile data offshoots like GPRS. "Mobile Data’s Journey to 4G" then focuses on three generations of wireless networks that feature mobile data as a pure-play: 3G, 4G and even 5G. The book explains the key industry concepts like LTE, MIMO, HetNet and small-cells in graphic details.

The book is written to help those with minimal tech backgrounds. It explains purely tech subjects such as beam-forming and OFDM in a manner that non-tech readers could easily grasp. "Mobile Data’s Journey to 4G" differs from other books by relating wireless technology advancements to the history and evolution perspective. To offer a complete picture to its readers, the book also delves into how Wi-Fi networks are complementing cellular systems amid an exponential increase in mobile data traffic. Likewise, "Mobile Data’s Journey to 4G" takes a microscopic look at the cellular standards maze and explains how they fit into the larger wireless juggernaut.
The author of this account has written a number of books on wireless industry, including Smartphone and Nokia’s Smartphone Problem. He has been a technology and trade writer for more than 17 years.

Find out:
•Details of early mobile data initiatives like ARDIS, Mobitex and CDPD
•How GSM networks evolved into mobile data platforms like GPRS
•The myth and reality of 3G network’s mobile data promise
•Story behind mobile operators’ love and hate relationship with Wi-Fi
•What is the real 4G
•A blueprint of 5G and profile of technologies like millimeter wave
•How wireless industry is converging with the Internet of Things

Published: Majeed Ahmad Kamran on
ISBN: 9781301125944
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