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No Gym Go Slim

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There are approximately 200 million overweight people in the United States, with nearly 100 million of them classified as obese. Although many people will exercise and make an effort to lose weight, most of them will waste their time. With this educational new book and materials, readers will learn that nutrition is the most vital component of a healthy body. Much more than a diet book, this informative new guide is a lifestyle book that provides us all with the solutions to reverse the damage years of abuse and neglect have done to our bodies. Teaching us not to count calories, starve ourselves, and not performing difficult workout routines, this priceless resource shows us all that with a little time and a little adjustment, we can be all become healthier and slimmer before we know it.

An easy and down-to-earth new book, No Gym Go Slim helps readers understand how the body functions while maximizing its performance. By informing readers how the human body works, this excellent resource allows readers the ability and knowledge to easily lose weight and become healthier. Teaching that nutrition is a vital component to our health, this informative book relies on science to explain why we need to fuel our body versus feeding it. An educational guide to proper nutrition and weight loss, this fantastic new book shows readers everywhere that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

Designed as a lifestyle rather than some complex program, No Gym Go Slim is a tremendous resource that eschews fads and uses science to help readers get healthier. Written specifically for anyone who wants or needs to lose weight, the book was created by an experienced doctor who only wishes to educate and motivate readers into leading healthy lives. A life-changing and educational resource, this invaluable nutritional guide provides readers with the expert knowledge needed to turn their lives and their bodies around.

Inspired by his own weight loss journey, Dr. Richard L. Sheppard created No Gym Go Slim after successfully navigating his own fitness hurdles as well as a sixteen-year career of helping patients lose weight and keep it off. At the urging of numerous patients over the years, Dr. Sheppard has written down his knowledge in an effort to help anyone looking to lead a healthier life.

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