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Journey To: Europe - 10 Days on a $2,000 Budget

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This book will show you how to travel to Europe for 10 days on a $2,000 (USD) budget. Yes, you really can go to Europe without busting your budget and I’ll show you how! I have 20 years’ experience traveling to Europe using this formula. Follow the steps outlined and you can easily take a 10 day trip to Europe, enjoy clean and comfortable lodging, have wonderful dining experiences, see lots of museums, cathedrals, and other historic sites, and all within a $2,000 budget! This book is designed for the self-motivated traveler who wants to plan their own trip and travel their own way. If this is your first trip abroad, your first trip without a tour, or even if you are a seasoned traveler, this book will show you how I do it! By using this book you will be successful, stay on budget, and experience the wonder and beauty of Europe! Bon voyage!

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