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104 Rooms

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If you cry during almost every movie and shrug at almost everything, then you are a perfect person to recommended reading this book.


Because "104 rooms" is a set of 104 texts behind which 104 different emotions lie to be decrypted, and that only those can do who read with whole heart and soul.

Feel free to feel every word, every thought, every symbol and combine it into one emotional image called here: room. Forget about logical thinking, the author or the right meaning, valuation and purpose of the words.
For a moment, be like an empty vessel or let it all pass through your soul.If you do this, you'll travel into the depths of your heart and discover feelings that you have in yourself. You will confront with yourself, with things you didn't know so far or didn't want to know. You'll be amazed at how many emotions you can feel that you didn't surmise to feel.

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