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Agent Under Cover: Book 2 The Series - Rhythms Of Life

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We are creatures of social habit and we are desperately trying to satisfy all our survival needs. The world is a hostile place. We live fear-based lives and we do not understand why. We fear hunger, death, poverty, sickness, rejection and many more.
In our struggle to overcome and control these obstacles that we face, we have to face reality. Reality however has different faces and facets. Our perspective on what reality is, is shaped by our daily experiences, lives, habits and cultures. These impact directly on our spiritual lives. Our emotions that we experience and the choices we subsequently make are forthcoming from these experiences, habits and cultures that developed over the ages. All of these influence our realities experienced and our spiritual lives.
Seldom do we ever realise that what we experience as what is right and what is wrong is not really what it seems. It is not always the truth. The real truth is the other face of reality, or is it not?
We as humans struggle daily with many issues in our spiritual lives and we think we are on top of them, but are we? I doubt it very much. We on a daily basis make so many mistakes in our spiritual lives, we do not even realise we make them and therefore we live under the impression we are doing just fine, but we are not. We think we are in control but we are not!
For us to see the other side, the other face of reality is almost impossible, because we have the wrong perspective. We wear the incorrect pair of spectacles from the previous book: Get a Grip.
To enable us to “see” correctly, we need to go undercover. We have an undercover agent and we need to visit and expose him and all his deeply concealed secrets, to see life through the second pair of spectacles, to see true reality and live deeply, true spiritual lives.
When the learner is ready, the teacher will appear!
Essential reading for all!

“An enjoyable and refreshing read about a personal journey of discovery. The author’s positive attitude and desire to help others achieve the same positive outlook on life and find their purpose for being can be commended.
The concept is a brilliant and unique one that investigates the age-old subject of personal/societal-development in a very fresh and exciting way. The enthusiasm of the author comes through clearly within the first few pages and I felt myself carried away by this enthusiasm and swept up by the tide in my desire to learn more. Everything seems to have been so well thought out, right down to the finest detail as one could probably expect from someone with the author's background in course development. I thought that perhaps because of this background the text would be too stifling and educational but I was pleasantly surprised by the personal and conversational tone of the writing. The writing itself is of a high quality and I must repeat that the clever way in which the author has planned and introduced ideas and concepts is commendable. Although this subject matter has been written about extensively, I have certainly never seen it written from such an original angle. I'm sure many would find it intriguing and be captured and inspired by the author's unique take on life and the solution to self-realisation/actualisation.”
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