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A Collection of Musings: On Knowledge, Life, Love and Poetry

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Having just found the path to self-publishing, it all seems like an incredibly long road traveled to reach this point, but the road makes a great metaphor for life. The excitement of a road trip contrasted with long stretches of monotony that are marred with the occasional signs of tragedy, detoured by the promises of new construction, spoiled with ruts and jagged holes that may disable you, or if you're lucky, just jar you momentarily from your daydreams. You will make pit stops because you need to eat... always with the eating. But then you're back on the road, heading somewhere; perhaps with dread but hopefully with excitement, yet either way, before long your mind loses focus and longs for distraction. When you tire and pull off for the night, the long road continues without you, and others whizz by on their own journey without ever knowing you at all.

This small collection of musings is a short ride along the highway with me, where I may ramble on during a lonely straightaway, or perhaps share a quick anecdote while sitting in the McDonald's Drive-Thru lane. I hope you enjoy your time in the car with me and will take me up on the offer to go cross-country when the time comes.

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