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Hitchhikers and Scary Bikers
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Gone... Gone... Going!

When did you last see a Hitchhiker thumbing a lift from a Scary Biker, his Dog Called Rover, a Rebel Teacher and an Unrepentant Politician on their way to enjoy Hogmanay in England? Or a Martian with a Hitler Moustache having a game of Blow Football while eating Pineapple and Cheese on a Stick and listening to an Ugly String Quartet playing England’s World Cup Squad Song? Or how about a Rock Star Planning to Retire, Squatting in a One Screen Cinema, with the Front Door Left Open, watching Desperate Dan in a Bowler Hat teaching the Birds and the Bees to a Cast of Thousands wearing Paper Underwear? Hitchhikers and Scary Bikers provides a few more helpings of nostalgia, satire, social commentary, and autobiographical observations about the many things that have either disappeared down the plughole or are swilling around with the final remnants of life’s dirty bathwater, into which you are invited to take the plunge... just for a laugh of course.

Hitchhikers and Scary Bikers is the follow up to the cult* hit Chimpanzees in Dungarees.

* It didn’t shift as many units as JK Rowling

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