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Why do we celebrate Columbus Day? Christopher Columbus wasn't the first man to discover America. He wasn't even the first European to set up a town in America. In fact, there were lots of people here before him.
Many people think that the first man to explore North America was Leif Erikson. Leif's father was Erik Thorvaldson. He was also known as Erik the Red.
Leif Erikson was the oldest son of Erik the Red. He was born around 970. When he was a child, he moved with his parents to Greenland. They lived on a farm at a place called Brattahlid (say brat-a-lid).
There Leif grew up learning about farming. He also learned about sailing from his father.

Find out about this sailor who may have been the first man to discover America in this 15-minute biography.

Ages 8 and up.

The Educational Version has activities that meet Common Core Curriculum Standards.

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