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Turn Him On

69 pages57 minutes


Stand-alone sequel to Switch Him Up

Alec and Christian have been back together for a year. Christian wants to celebrate this milestone because they’ve both been busy and stressed out for weeks. However, one thing after another keeps adding more stress to their situation. Christian knows they’ve come a long way and wants to keep moving forward in their relationship.

Alec loves how much Christian has changed and how much having Christian back in his life has changed him. They’ve worked through so many problems, and they’ve both grown in their relationship, but each time they find a moment to breathe, something else demands their attention. Alec just wants to build a home with Christian so their love can continue to grow, but he can’t help worrying that the pressures of life will never stop coming between them. When a new source of stress threatens to push him to the breaking point, Alec has to take action as he holds to his belief that their love is worth fighting for.

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