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Chameleons: Color Changing Lizards: Educational Version

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A chameleon is a lizard, but it is a very strange lizard. They don't look like other lizards. Most lizards have long, round, skinny bodies. Chameleons have bodies that are a little flatter. They also stick up into the air.
Many chameleons also have horns or bumps that stick up around their head. Some of them have small bumps and some of them have big ones.
Some even have spikes that look like horns! These horns are small when they are babies. They grow larger as the chameleon gets older.
Find out more about this amazing animal and learn the answers to these questions:
How far around it can a chameleon see without moving its head?
What are three reasons a chameleon will change color?
What is strange about the way a chameleon walks?
How small is the smallest chameleon?
Are chameleons endangered?

Learn what a chameleon looks like, where they live, what they eat, who are their enemies, how babies are born, and other fun facts.

Ages 7 to 10
All measurements in American and metric.

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