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Vibrant Life: The Book Combo

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In short, why can we all not have an amazing life? We will open the ‘box’ within which man lives. Ceilings people placed upon themselves will be removed. A new, unknown flow of energy will emerge and reign! Synchronicity and a true, wide open, fearless and loving dialogue will take place. Relationships and lives will be healed! Human and social decay will be reversed. Man can now live life fully and fulfill his calling on Earth!
Life is vibrant, alive and joyous for some and plain depressing and problematic for others. This may even change from the one extreme to the other for many people, many times during their lives. We all have some hope of a good life sometime, even if we are in terrible conditions. Despite this hope, some take the option to end their lives, because life became too complicated and troublesome to continue. Others thrive in luxury and seem to be on top of it all. These opposites create many issues and raise many questions to many aspects in people’s lives and the world in general.
Life we also hope and believe has a purpose, but we do not understand why some have to struggle and why some have it all and what each and every one is supposed to do and achieve in life. Very few will agree on what the ultimate goal is and how to achieve it. Do you know what yours is?
Life takes us through many learning curves, but the one lesson which we are never learning properly, is the one to really have a vibrant life and to experience a vibrant and joyous life all the time. We all have our ups and our downs, even if we perceive ourselves to be successful. Is there a recipe or a method which we can follow to change this around once and forever? Will it be easy to achieve or proof to be too complicated? Well, it may seem a little far-fetched to even try and achieve something like that. However, vibrant life is possible; just ask those who really are living it. It in addition is easy, very easy! There are only two rules to apply. Only two rules? Are you serious? The two books in the series “Rhythms of life” are dedicated to take you there. Are you willing? Essential reading for all. When the learner is ready, the teacher will appear!
“An enjoyable and refreshing read about a personal journey of discovery. The author’s positive attitude and desire to help others achieve the same positive outlook on life and find their purpose for being can be commended.” Editor’s comment.

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