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Journey To South Africa

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The Author has a dream, as far back as 1946 that she is treading accross sea water, towards a white sandy beach, where there is a group of natives siting in a ring. She is wearing only a thin white cotton robe in the dream, and the natives see her, they stand up in wonderment and come forward to greet her. They are singing and clapping their hands. As she reaches the beach she feels the warm sand under her feet, and then she wakes up, back in her bed.
She still feels the intense heat and has to open her bedroom window wide in order to let in the cool night air. When she tells her father of the dream, he forecasts that she will most likely one day travel to a warm country like Africa. When she visits a Gypsy Fortune teller two years later, she is again told that she will cross water with her husband and young children one day. This actually comes to pass when she and her husband emigrate from Scotland to South Africa with their children in 1968, and begin a new life that involved quite a few hardships. After they settle they are able to visit places of interest and take many pictures, some of which have been inserted in the book.

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