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This is a short nonfiction semi-biographical story of WWII. It is about an Army Officer and five enlisted men racing the Russians to capture a Japanese experimental laser cannon. The weapon is located on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Japan. The race starts from Manila Nichol’s Airfield in the Philippine Islands and ends at Nikaho, Japan.
For the American soldiers the journey started with a C-46 air flight to Johnson Air Field, Tokyo, Japan, then they traveled by Jeep to a rail line near Fuijaya Air Field, then, the soldiers stole a train to take them to the rest of the way to Nikaho.
When the American soldiers stole the train it had three hundred Japanese passengers. (After the race was over the Japanese railroad would not take the train back as they claimed the passengers were refugees from a B-29 fire bombing raid, and were the United States responsibility.)
Meanwhile, the Russian Navy sent a submarine with six marines to try and reach the weapon first. It was a close race but the cliff that rose up three hundred feet from the sea to the test site prevented the Russian victory. There was no way or time for the Russians to climb the cliff.
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