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A Life Song Between Two Worlds
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In this revised edition of A Life Song Between Two Worlds, Dr. Francis Boni expands his original book of poetry, updating his thoughts on society, government, and philosophy. He seeks to enlighten others on points of views that would be otherwise unconsidered and encourages them to think beyond the words on the page and their own personal experiences.

His verses reflect the emotional rhythm of the meaning of life and its baffling paradoxes, which are hard to resolve or to accept. He considers the violence in our society currently—still crying for a real tentative or effective solution—in an effort to reclaim the calm of years long past. Boni’s work is poetry of ideas, purpose-poetry with a message—a dynamic blend of ideas expressed in a dialectical relationship in a symbolically and intensely passionate way.

A Hero’s Life There are no great men But only great challenges That “authentic” spirits must meet To overcome Not only personal fears But also the dreads Of that unknown and unconscious reality Which manifests those challenges Through which they become villains or heroes.
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